The other side of wall

In life the need would be more, for the people who love you than for the people who respect you, look up to you, take pride in knowing you, are attracted to you or like you.

We crave for that love all our life - some times consciously and the other times not realizing the want. And still we create huge walls of likes and dislikes painted in the colors of our past experiences and sometimes the experiences of others.

But with time cracks appear in the walls. You get a peep into the world on the other side. A world that you realize was always there, on the side of the wall of your own creation

Then you realize you have become weak with time to pull the entire wall down. You still take the courage to do it brick by brick. With every brick the breeze from the other side grows cooler and calmer.

You pull yourself up through the hole you made in the wall. You are exhausted of the last energy. You lye on your back, close to the wall you just overcame, facing the sky. You can move no more but you realize you don’t want to. There is nowhere to travel, nowhere to go and nothing more for the senses, because the search ends. All the life’s travel and the search were to this- this moment on the other side of the wall.


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