Being aware of the strand

Certain lives get connected to ours, through an invisible strand. We meet, connect, share and move on. We never were aware of the strands and then the strands fade into time and distance.
Then in the journey ahead, our lives meet again.

Though, this time the conversation is relatively superficial, short after the initial burst and in some cases uncomfortable, in certain of these, we become aware of the strands -subtle, uncomplicated, undefined and pure. We don’t struggle to pull the strands since the complexes have withered with time and distance. The purpose is gone and hence the struggle. The beauty is in just being aware of the unstrained strands.

We are into a realization that we are not tied to the other life, instead, connected. With this consciousness we see the graceful patterns that these strands form. We stay in awareness and hence in gratitude for the strands that enriched our lives.


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