Change - Resist or to Let in

Certain moments and events mark the end of a period and the start of another.We are taken back a bit by the appearance of change. But then at some point we move on and the things settle down.

When we step away from the ever-changing and change-resisting ego of ours and look at the change, we do notice certain things. The change brings in an uncertainty to the ‘certain’ life we assume we are living. But the nature of change is such - it settles, unsettles and settles .All along enriching our life experiences.

We try cling on to certain periods, people, places and even things, just in the hope of retaining the experience for time longer if not for the rest of the life. But those experiences are not meant to be that way. We tend to hold on to these experiences until the decay sets in. They rotten because the experiences had ceased, giving way for the new ones. What’s left are the desire to relive them and with desire comes unhappiness because the experience is never the same gain. It could be better or could be worse but never the same.

One thing could stand the decay –Love. But then love is beyond the desire and the want. It wouldn’t matter how the experience fared in comparison with the previous one. What would matter are the experiences and more importantly the presence of the element we love ,in the experiences.

So if we are to resist change, we have to be sure it is love, else let go and let the change in.


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