Nothing Snapped !

Last week was the farewell to a colleague who had joined 2 years back as a graduate trainee.Some of his peers during my conversation with them,had expressed their disquiet.Many of their batch have been leaving the organisation recently for higher education in management ,as is the fad these days.Those left behind expressed the displeasure.

A group that started together develops a comfortable environment in which they co-exist.They grow,compete,survive and eliminate in this setup.Such groups are usually of people who joined together in college or people who started their career together in the same company.

Then at one point this group starts disintegrating;one by one its members leave to make groups in other places and times.Some of them feel sad about it and others try hard to disguise their discomfort by aping others.The sadness or the discomfort is in the non-existence of the convenient setup.The rivals,competitors,friends and enemies were all marked and prepared for .Any change would mean anxiety of anticipating the creation of a similar state.

Now,a week later ,nothing looks changed.The T-1000's impervious to any emotional damages were more than normal'good for them.Everyone and everything seemed to have moved on or rather none ever paused.

May be there was never an emotional string- nothing snapped.


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