A purposeful Journey of Life

There is a story of two arch rivals-enemies for life. Their enmity started when they were children and continued into their youth.They caused each other and each other's kin, enormous harm.They grew old  and eventually one of them died.The other ,on getting the news of the other's death,after initial low- joyous spurts, doesn't entirely look pleased.He rushes to the now-dead-enemy's home.On seeing  the dead body before him,covered in white linen,he weeps profusely.

The life-long rivalry had ended with the death.What troubled him now was the loss of purpose.The only reason he knew for losing the precious years of his youth, was the desire to see this day.The moment that should have been of fulfillment,was now mirthless.What was before his eyes was the corpse of his life's purpose.This left his life empty.He realised that now he was old and fragile ; the fear of the darkness had gripped him.

The loss of purpose is an abysmal grief.Many among us spend our lives in search of a purpose and many settle in believing it to be something else.A wrong,an assumed or an inherited purpose could turn out to be more devastating than the failure to meet it.A Man with the journey as the purpose would live it his entire life,where as someone who has the destination as his resolve might be disappointed on finding the destination different from what he had imagined it to be.
The survivor in the story had always planned, striven and prayed for the destruction of the enemy.The dead enemy's pyre was his destination ,but it didn't give him the gratification he had visioned everyday of his life.

The intent of life is to find itself a purpose and the journey to find the purpose defines life.If the journey is marked by experiences of pain to others ,of guilt,of anger,of arrogance and of self-doubt,then the life has give you enough signs to question your purpose.Joy, bliss, fulfillment,caring,humility and contentment are the signboards you would see on a purposeful journey of life.


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