Love ,Ambitions ,Choices and Life

I recently read something on love ,ambitions ,choices and life.It was probably written on the Woman's Day and posted the next day.It was the author's view on the pressure of society and  kin on the choices the younger people like her make in their life.And these are my view on all of this.

Before the reader starts imaging me as trying-hard-to-sound-overflowing-with-wisdom,let me tell you I know not much of Love nor Life and my ambitions still confuse me.I am still knee deep into life and these continue to surprise me everyday. But I could tell for sure that before you are either pushed or you voluntary jump into any of these, at any stage ,you need to make sure that know yourself and know what you really want.

Mind can be deceived.It can be conditioned in a certain way by its past or by other's persistent training that it fails to register any new experience or to learn from it. Parent's thoughts can be skillfully superimposed on the child's psyche that the child grows up mistaking these thoughts to be its own.A minor and a forgotten experience of the past could incapacitate the mind from thinking or feeling beyond a certain way. So knowing what one really wants becomes even more difficult.

Choosing one thing in life over the other is sometime the only choice.But if you are ignoring the other remember it can the wrong turn from which there would be no return. Be absolutely sure that from the bottom of your heart, the thing that you are after is what you want.Because if it is you will never regret, even if you are doomed.but if you are not, the regret can be killing .And this is where the age come in and hangs on to you.

But if you are surly following your heart never worry.Nothing would be more blissfull than living for what you love and always wanted.It would be a life of and for love and love would be beyond regret and time.


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