Waking up one morning and realizing that life as I knew it, was but a dream.This thought crosses my mind every other morning.Imagine this happening to you.

You wake up into a totally different reality ; one that would have no resemblance to what you have known.

The job you had worked hard for, is no longer there and the position you craved for doesn't exist.
Would you feel lost? Something you love to do should be full-filling. Would you feel that the job has not been doing that for you?

The jealousy you had nurtured over a period for a friend turned colleague,has no relevance any more.
Now when the reality appears changed ,would you miss a friend?

You had an important appointment early today.You had slept late last night preparing for this.Your wife had slept alone and the kids didn't know you were home.But now you have none to meet.Some how this doesn't bother you.You only wish your wife and the kids were around.

You were superior to the junior you had screamed at, yesterday.He had tested your patience,"How can someone be so stupid!" you thought.But now, how stupid is that thought itself ?The reality of your intellectual superiority never existed.

The next vacation that you thought you would finally spend with your parents after years of excuses,would now never come nor would there be the need.But would the guilt cross over to the new reality?Weren't they part of the dream that you woke-up from and hence shouldn't their significance have ceased with the dream?Can parental love be that hitting? 

The person you had made other believe you were, dint survive the awakening.But would that make you lighter and joyous, or ,heavier and lost?

Would death be such an awakening ,when you would realize that things you considered important were never so and the ones you thought you had time to ,attend latter are the one you actually miss or feel guilty about.

We spend years together ignoring the eventual awakening from this dream.An  awakening into the unknown.Life is led as if there was no beginning and there will be no end.Days spent in haste and insomniac nights worried about the days to come. Hatred as if we would live for ever and love as if the other would forever.

Keep not love for a later day;the next moment may be of awakening and the only things you might miss are experiences of love, and the experiences for the love.


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