Pickling or Mere Indulgence !

A day would come when most of my generation including me would be dead and gone.This would be the generation that would have had first started populating the Facebook and also, the 'most dead'.
There would be a 'Facebook-Graveyard' where profiles of dead people like 'then-me' would be layed to rest.People who would want to know how the then-dead lived their life ,how they leisured and what intererested them ,would browse into these pages.

The dead-man's page would have numerous pictures of him and the conversations he had.Pictures of him with beautiful people in wonderfull backdrops,in lands known and unknown;many a times showing off his escapades;most of his achievements updated.These would have had driven jealousy-daggers into many on his list of friends.But now he is a dead man.His contemporaries,not dead yet, would check into his page to confirm the quiet.

Is every record made,every loaded image, a subconsious act of preserving ones existence ? or is it mere a Narcissist indulgence?

Pickling or mere indulgence !

Years of esistence recorded skillfully, similar to how certain lives and events in  history were recorded in the past.People knew history only as they were intended to .Selective recording swayed the imagination of the inqusitive in the way intended by the recorded.The Face book page of the dead-man could be one such selective recording.

The dead man's page would make the visitor face his own mortality.He might have had planned a deathless life untill the moment he died;the visitor would die as well.The limitedness of life and everything associated with it might dawn upon the visitor.His own page would one day be laid to rest.

But until then let the fun continue.Let the pure joy displayed,warmth of the hearts shared and the real humans liked.Let the love grow and envy recede;sun-glasses dropped and depth of the eyes seen;stars dead and legends be born.

Some one said,"life is hard,then you die,they throw dirt in you face ,then the worms eat you.Be gratefull it happens in that order"



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