A Journey discovering ourselves


                                                 When you drive a car alone, you do not merely 
                                              drive and see the roads, cars, or people passing by. 
                                                You think. You think about your job, your lovers, 
                                                 your dreams and even what to eat for a lunch.
                                              No matter how silly or important your thoughts are, 
                                                              they identify yourself. 

                                                     They help you discover yourself.

'Live Brilliant',a worldwide brand campain by Hyundai caught my attention recently. The commercial showed a beautiful lady ,driving to work,stuck in a traffic jam.Ahead of her were two ways- one, on which she already is, stuck and the other a highway, probably to a suburb.The highway is shown empty and lush green on the either sides.The lady takes a deep breath and turns the right indicator on.She is shown driving the car on the Highway;lowering the window and placing her palm out to feel the breeze,enjoying the freedom and the life.

Advertisements,especially the TV ads,try to let the viewer see, certain of their dreams coming true with the product being advertised.Some advertisements though commercials ,touch you deep because they relate to some ignored feeling of yours.

Such moments of decision have come to many of us at various points in life.Moments when we felt like breaking the pattern to which we have had unconsciously been struck to.Consider the exact situation depicted in the advt- at the turn to your office you would have wanted to take the other way and just drive to someplace unknown,far away from the rut race that you call survival.The situation might not be that bad either but still you would have wanted to just move away.

You would have wanted to stand up suddenly throw away the laptop and scream to the peak of your voice not bothering if others would consider you crazy and that you might lose your job.You would have wanted to do nothing,keep quiet and stare at some random patch on the wall without worrying about tomorrow.You would have wanted not be part of the competition nor bother what the other is up-to.

We have been told many a times ,we have read and sometimes have known and understood that life is beyond the matrix we have made it to be and ourselves unhappy about.Yet we fail to wake ourselves from this unconsciousness.

We are so involved in this 'Maya' that we find it hard to even think anything outside of it.Thoughts like where are we headed to?What is that we really want?Is what we want really it?Is what we have, enough,if not what would be enough?Why is the other person's life more attractive to me than my own?
These questions come to mind now and then but it is easier for the mind not to think about these and continue with what it has been trained with and trained for.

It is more convenient to pass the life the way we have seen it being survived, than try a new path.The fear of gaining the wrong attenntion,the fear of being outcased,fear of being held responsible for one's failure,the fear of the unknown,the fear of loosing the mask,the fear of being rediculed,the fear of time or rather the fear of death,the fear of loss ...have a constant hum in the background of our lives.A moment away from the crowd, in silence will make us face all our fears.It is much better to drown ourselves in the noise of the crowd than listen to the fearful hum.

One day like the lady in the advertisement,while stuck in the self created life jam,let us decide to turn the right indicator on and take the highway of the unknown.Watching the crowd moving away in the rear view ,the noise making way for the hum and finally the hum fading away,lets start a journey with no destination to reach, no time to keep,no expectations to meet- A Journey discovering ourselves.


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